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  1. Thanks for your post Andrea. I too challenge myself, as well but I don’t know about blogging exclusively using my phone. That’s a true challenge. My keypad is too small – vertically or horizontally. Now tell me again why I would want to type up and post a blog post (or anything else, for that matter) from my phone? Oh yeah, the wave of the future. Knowing me as I do, I will certainly give it a try. Albeit, a very short post.


  2. Wow! Turn phone sideways! Okay. This will take some practice and slower at the moment but doable. I’m also practicing with swiping. But a w
    a whole post? We’ll see how that goes.
    Thanks Andrea.

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  3. Interesting observation about how the platform influences style. I’ve thought about whether writing via phone would be at all helpful in content generation, but so far it’s still strictly web browsing, Twitter and games. I was thinking about getting a mobile phone keyboard, but that basically makes it a laptop again with a tiny screen. I really don’t know how to create anymore. Too much distraction. . .


  4. Every time I have tried to do so, trying to publish something more than a photo and a comment from my smartphone from WordPress or Tumblr app I got frustrated.

    Things have gone a little better using clear, distraction-free, writing app like iA Writer od Byword or Simplenote … that’s if the post is mostly text and expressing my emotions at least, and I don’t have to use another websites for quoting or reference.


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