Free falling

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  1. What a sweet soul. I hope she sticks with it. Around her age I fell out of love with the piano. My music teacher turned lessons into torture. Funny how learning how to do something you’re passionate about the “right way” can turn you away from it. Maybe if I had played more songs I knew, I would have stuck with it longer.

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  2. Have you heard of Girls Rock? They have day camps. V went to one here last week and LOVED it, she had so much fun and there was a performance at the end. There’s one happening next week in Roanoke:

    Most of the girls in V’s camp had little to no prior lessons, but they all picked up instruments and learned and had an amazing time.

    It looks like that’s still kind of a haul for you, but maybe you could work somewhere nearby during the day?


  3. As I was going through about 100 blog posts on my feed reader, this is one of the few that caught my eye and kept my attention. Lovely little story.


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