Friend to the grains of sand

6 thoughts on “Friend to the grains of sand”

  1. This reads like something from Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass.” Well done.

    You might find “The Outermost House” of interest. Written by Henry Beston in 1924, it’s a chronicle of his year spent on Cape Cod near Orleans. He does a wonderful job capturing the life of the seasons there, including, unfortunately, a shipwreck that claimed lives.


  2. I enjoy reading your post, I have always been inspired by your writing and WordPress has been a great tool for me creating websites and a begging blogger, what direction could you recommend on my path to becoming a writer to blog and to write my first book? Thank you for inspiring me to reach beyond the stars!


  3. This is lovely! Imagery bubbles out of your writing. Also, it is a very good exercise. I believe it made you much more aware of your surroundings? I would love to try it too


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