We all four work from home now

3 thoughts on “We all four work from home now”

  1. When we initially decided to try homeschooling over a decade ago, we broke down the amount of actual educational hours our children were getting in their 8.5 hrs away from home, and it was less than four hours. Each year we let each of our three sons choose public school, private school or homeschool. Whatever they decided, they had to stick with for the year. The years they chose to homeschool were my favorites. When they were younger we did Waldorf-inspired project-based cross-subject learning. As they got older, virtual high school was particularly wonderful since I didn’t have to teach, and it really prepared them for self-study in college. It was one of my biggest non-regrets in parenting, and our kids all talk about homeschooling their children, which I think says a lot. Hope your family continues to enjoy the time together and the unique approach to learning.

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