The kids are home through August.

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  1. They haven’t done that here yet but I can see why reopening things would cause another spike in COVID-19 illness. I’m sorry it’s come as a shock; I cannot say I am surprised. I just really hope this all cools down by the Summer. I mean no swimming or splash pads or parks? That’s a rough existence for anyone.

    While it’s great that families are spending more together, it isn’t easy to be spending ALL of your time together. 🤗 You can do this.

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  2. Let us know what you learn from the book. In my experience, I can choose all I want to react a certain way. My actual reaction is not always what I chose. Perhaps your book holds the secret.


  3. Looking up that book RIGHT NOW! Thanks Andrea. This isn’t going to be easy. But I am drawing back on when we lived in 29m2 for 15 months… we were allowed out of course, but in fact being in that small space as a family made everyone more tolerant, and I really miss that. I hope these times teach us all better tolerance, love and patience. Wishing you well from France x

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  4. Wishing you well from Italy. It’s really hard but you can do this. My daughter has a two year old and a four year old under lockdown in a flat without a balcony. They play in the garage, riding scooters and rolling down the entrance road. And mum is a 24 seven playmate, cheerleader, comforter and fight separator! You can do this!

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