I’m still not great with my new camera. At least it’s warm outside now so that my hands don’t freeze while I fumble with the settings. I finally ordered the lens I’ve been saving for; it should arrive this week. I am eager for a fixed focal length and to be able to open the … Continue reading Periwinkle

Feel the weather

I keep a well-being journal these days. It’s like a super deluxe version of a gratitude journal. Each day gets its own page, and each day I record things I’m grateful for, moments I savor, beauty I appreciate, stuff I laugh at. In this well-being journal, I also record the weather. My brother told me … Continue reading Feel the weather

First Frost

Last night, I pulled my flannel pajamas out of storage. When I woke this morning and looked out our bedroom window, I saw a silver dusting of frost on the grass. Melted droplets glittered in the sun. Now I sit in my favorite spot by the living room window eating lemon cake and drinking coffee … Continue reading First Frost