Winter solstice

Most of the religious holidays on the calendar mean little to me. We celebrate the Christian holidays primarily as tradition and to spend time with each other as a family, but none of us are actually Christian. My spiritual inclinations tend more towards paganism; Easter isn’t meaningful to me because of the resurrection of Christ, … Continue reading Winter solstice


The world outside is wet and gray. I hear tires spray rainwater on the slick neighborhood street as a car passes by. I sit with my slippered feet propped up on an ottoman and watch the drizzle mist my freshly planted flower boxes. I put in purple cabbages and yellow and purple pansies last week. … Continue reading Cozy


I live in a ridiculously nice place. Our son had friends over last night to watch Hamilton, and my husband and I didn’t want to eat pizza, which we ordered for them, so we got out of the house for dinner. We went to a little restaurant, Gillie’s, in downtown Blacksburg, and sat at a … Continue reading Grateful

This morning

This morning, a little brown bunny hops across the dewy grass. Robins scoot, heads down in the lawn, plucking worms. Birds sing outside our closed windows; it’s too chilly this morning to open them. This morning, Tubbles lays across my arms as I write. She whacks me with her tail and looks at me sideways. … Continue reading This morning