Ready for spring

Sadly, my gardening vacation is at its end. It’s Sunday morning. My body is wrenched to the side to type this, my lap board and laptop tilted at 45 degrees due to one side being propped on the chair’s arm, all because a cat is sleeping in my lap and I don’t want to disturb … Continue reading Ready for spring

Awe and the mundane

I never used to care about birds. What is about aging that turns us into bird-watchers? One of my favorite feelings is awe. I love when I’m going through normal everyday life, eating my yogurt or walking outside under the sky, and I’m struck by a wave of wonder, a flush of the soul that … Continue reading Awe and the mundane

Equinox eve

Spring is here!Snowflakes floatgently down. When I stood at the back window this morning, I saw a snowflake drift in a slow zig-zag, down to the ground. A flurry more followed. Tomorrow is the first day of spring. I usually take a gardening vacation when the equinox arrives. I take the week that contains the … Continue reading Equinox eve