When I was pregnant, I saw pregnant women everywhere. The world seemed full to bursting with round bellies. In my post-pregnancy life, I seldom see pregnant women anywhere. Likewise, when my husband and I talked recently about how we like a certain kind of car, suddenly I started seeing those cars all around me. There’re … Continue reading Palimpsest

Swim jerk

Last Friday, as part of my planning for this week, I went to our aquatic center’s website to find available lap lanes during open slots in my workday. The times and availability change every week, which is annoying because I thrive on routine when it comes to exercise. At any rate, I reserved a lane … Continue reading Swim jerk

Deck season

Rain lands heavy outside with the sound of a forest waterfall. Rainwater streams from gutters. Drops stipple the surface of our neighbor’s pool and rattle oak leaves with a patter like rain on a nylon tent. Our windows are open again after several days with the house sealed up and the air conditioning on. On … Continue reading Deck season

Organizing ink

As I may have mentioned before, I’m a little enamored with fountain pens right now. Some time in 2020, I realized I could purchase ink samples instead of full bottles. I’ve… accumulated a few vials of ink. As the collection of vials grew, they tumbled all over each other in the little wooden box I … Continue reading Organizing ink

Just saying hi

I’ve been busy at work these past weeks and have worked beyond my self-imposed boundaries. Now that Christmas is here, I feel light, and this weekend, I feel a sense of, ahhhh for the first time in a while. I’m leading a book club next week, which I’m excited about, and also, everything slows down … Continue reading Just saying hi