Streamside stairs

I love stone steps, especially when they climb through the woods to a waterfall. Along with lighthouse stairs, the curving stairs on the hike to the Cascades near Blacksburg, Virginia, are among my favorite stairways. They are made with stone from the mountain. They are mossy and organic. They look like they belong. These stone steps … Continue reading Streamside stairs

Lush gardens

I drove to Durham, North Carolina yesterday to meet up with co-workers who are here for their team meetup. As soon as I arrived, I picked up a text message that the group was leaving in 15 minutes to go to the Duke gardens — did I want to join? I dropped my bag in … Continue reading Lush gardens

(Not) Fake

With organisms like Ophrys apifera, the bee orchid that mimics the shape and scent of bees, or the technicolored peacock mantis shrimp and its creative violence, Kung pow! #mantisshrimp A post shared by Andrea Badgley (@andreabadgley) on Mar 27, 2016 at 7:44am PDT or even the humble cactus, which has developed a way to save … Continue reading (Not) Fake


I looked up to the crow’s nest where lookouts would have perched. Lines dropped down to the ship’s deck, cutting the sky into triangles. I snapped photographs of all that geometry, those hard lines, that negative space, and daydreamed about sailing. As I photographed, each frame made me realize the expanses of my ignorance. I … Continue reading Rigging