Crystal ball

If you had a crystal ball that could tell you anything you wanted to know — about your life, the world, or anything at all — what would you want to know?* My mind flooded with possibilities when I first thought about this question. For each possibility, I wondered, do I really want to know … Continue reading Crystal ball

Talking about dreams

I swear I read somewhere once that dreams are one of those topics of conversation to just not pursue. They’re up there with what route you took to get to whatever location you’re in and you’re now boring the person you’re talking with about how you turned left here but hoo-boy the traffic, and then … Continue reading Talking about dreams

Canvas roars

The girl saw the pile of sail cloth in the corner of the hut. The cloth’s edges were frayed and the canvas was streaked with dirt. These were scraps, she was pretty sure. Too small and irregular to really do anything with, except maybe patch sails. She stood from the bench and brushed bread crumbs … Continue reading Canvas roars

Day 20: We Laugh

Today marks the 20th day the four of us have been in isolation at home. It feels like an eternity. One way I’ve watched the progression of how seriously people are taking the coronavirus is through the lens of what is happening at my local grocery store. Because, you know, that’s the excitement these days, going … Continue reading Day 20: We Laugh


I remember dark blue dinner plates with with white seagulls on them. We used those plates when when I was very small, younger than five. The color was the deep blue of almost-night, somewhere between navy and navy with a hint of green. The ceramic wasn’t shiny like most dinnerware I see now. It was … Continue reading Seagulls