Wake and bake

Our daughter turns 17 tomorrow. She has requested tiramisù for her birthday cake, and I’m excited for the challenge. However, if I’m going to do it right, I need ladyfingers. And according to my Italian teammate, the ladyfingers have to be good. I asked him if I need to make the ladyfingers, or if I … Continue reading Wake and bake

Rainy day

I’m sitting in Bollo’s, the coziest coffee shop in Blacksburg. It’s small and cramped, and filled with sounds of clattering crockery, hissing steam, and the barista asking, “Your regular?” to half the people who walk up to the counter. Bollo’s is where writers come to write, students come to study, and friends come to chat … Continue reading Rainy day

7-day streak

With this post, I will have published blog posts seven days in a row. I went through a dry spell where I barely published at all, and now, I’ve published every day for a week. I’m not sure what happened. Actually, that’s not true. I know what happened. I stopped caring about whether what I … Continue reading 7-day streak