Not a big deal

After I wrote the other day about trying to cram in exercise, reading, and three different types of writing each morning (journaling, deliberate practice, and blogging), I started turning something that’s supposed to be fun into a Big Deal. My mornings started to feel like the stress of packing a house into boxes to move: … Continue reading Not a big deal

Cram it all in

I’m back to work today after a week off. I’m also back to writing. The problem now is when to do everything. This is my first workday morning sitting in my new chair with my pouf hassock. The glass panes beside me are black with darkness. I’m waiting for the sun to come up to … Continue reading Cram it all in

A new writing station

Geography is everything. Several months ago, we rearranged our living room. The lounge chair by the window had been a perfect writing spot. I could stretch my legs or sit cross-legged with my laptop, set my water bottle or coffee cup in the window sill, have plenty of space on the chaise lounge to deposit … Continue reading A new writing station

Pushing through

I’ve blogged seven days in a row. Yesterday, I had already run out of things to say. To keep going, I pulled a prompt from a reflection deck of cards, wrote for ten minutes, and published. Today, I was tempted to just not post. But I know what happens when I don’t post: one day … Continue reading Pushing through

Words stick

A fellow blogger, bone&silver, wondered the other day if quick, visual media like Instagram and TikTok have stolen us from WordPress and word-based-blogging. I’ve thought about her post almost every day since I read it two weeks ago. I was struck particularly by her observation not that we are all scrolling and consuming these quick … Continue reading Words stick