I remembered the other day that I used to want to be a meteorologist when I grew up. I have no recollection of why I wanted to be a meteorologist. I don’t remember particularly caring about the weather as a child. I only remember that there was a meteorologist on a local TV station who … Continue reading Meteorology

Canvas roars

The girl saw the pile of sail cloth in the corner of the hut. The cloth’s edges were frayed and the canvas was streaked with dirt. These were scraps, she was pretty sure. Too small and irregular to really do anything with, except maybe patch sails. She stood from the bench and brushed bread crumbs … Continue reading Canvas roars


The sky was clear for miles. The sun rose over calm seas, and not a cloud marred the deep blue endlessness above. Off the bow, soft morning light pinked the beach and warmed the green of the palms and the lush tropical mountains that rose out of the ocean. “I think we can make it … Continue reading Squall

Currents coil

When I clean my fountain pens, my favorite part is when I first dip the nib in a bowl of clean water. As soon as the tip of the ink-drenched metal touches the water’s surface, swirls of color enter the pool. The coils of ink remain distinct from the clear water for long enough to … Continue reading Currents coil