Candy apple red

It crackles: sweet, ruby red, and shellac smooth. When I was a little girl I wanted a candy apple red Corvette. One of the old models, with the sweeping lines and the chrome bumpers — not the modern ones so covered in plastic they look like sedans. I have no idea why I wanted a … Continue reading Candy apple red

Midnight Blue

Image courtesy of mypubliclands on Flickr (CC by 2.0) Deep, magical, dusted with stars: midnight blue. It was my favorite Crayola color. It was rich, mystical, a dark night blue with the tiniest hint of green. I looked for excuses to color night scenes, to color oceans. The Crayola boxes don’t contain midnight blue anymore. … Continue reading Midnight Blue

A pop of green

I can’t resist greenery growing from the fissures of stones. Rocks seem an unlikely place for plants to take root. Granite is unyielding. It says: keep out, you cannot penetrate me. And yet. There are little flowers that do. Every time I see green growing from stone, I am reminded of the persistence of life. … Continue reading A pop of green