The world outside is wet and gray. I hear tires spray rainwater on the slick neighborhood street as a car passes by. I sit with my slippered feet propped up on an ottoman and watch the drizzle mist my freshly planted flower boxes. I put in purple cabbages and yellow and purple pansies last week. … Continue reading Cozy

Back to bread

I was restless and excited yesterday in anticipation of the coming storm. We had hot cocoa in the pantry and firewood in the hamper, and I wanted to lean fully into cozy. I wanted to bake, and I wanted to bake bread. Specifically, I wanted to bake oat bread. My first appliance as a grown-up … Continue reading Back to bread


Power is out. I sat in front of the aquatic center yesterday evening waiting to retrieve our daughter from swim practice when I received this text from my husband. The sun was setting and the temperature was dropping — it was down to 36℉ (2℃) at sunset — and my first thought after thinking, well … Continue reading Lucky