Cutting cloth

I am 23, newly married, and my husband is on a research trip in Bermuda for the next six months. I am a young woman alone in our new home in Takoma Park, Maryland, but I feel safe up here in the upstairs apartment of a cute cottage house with a steep, angled roof. The … Continue reading Cutting cloth

When in Spain

Ramon reminded me instantly of Ernest Hemingway. He wore a white beard and loose linen pants. His voice was low and smooth. He spoke simple Spanish with us, and he smiled and made political jokes, gently testing the mettle of his son’s American friends. His apartment was much smaller than Quim and Cristina’s, and when … Continue reading When in Spain

Writer’s Block

I have officially run out of story ideas.  A friend of mine has encouraged me to submit work to the Southern Women‘s Review, and as the deadline approaches, I find myself creatively crippled. I am a Southern woman, born in the South, raised in the South, and after a few years in the not-South, we … Continue reading Writer’s Block