On family road trips, I was always captivated by the tall silver cylinders that rose out of the ground to the sky in the endless flats of grain country. They’d often be the only thing on the shimmering landscape; no trees, no buildings taller than a single story, just the these monolithic containers, reaching above … Continue reading Silos

SupConf: a conference organizer’s dream come true

Photo credit Lance Conzett. Several months ago, Scott Tran of the Support Driven community asked me some questions about an internal mini-conference I had organized for Automattic‘s annual meetup. He was thinking about organizing a conference for support professionals, and he’d never organized a conference before. I was excited to share what I knew, as … Continue reading SupConf: a conference organizer’s dream come true

On the move

During my first year as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, I focused internally — on live chatting with users, on supporting my co-workers by training, by cheerleading, by sharing knowledge amongst us about live chat support. This year, quite by accident, I’m lifting my eyes a bit and am seeing the bigger world. I’m … Continue reading On the move