Too much to write

When we opened the curtains yesterday morning, the sky was grey and the world felt dark, even though the sun had risen. Rain pattered on the roof. My friend turned on the fireplace with the flick of a switch. My slippers felt warm on my feet, and we were cozy in the pine-paneled room with … Continue reading Too much to write

I made it til midnight

My girlfriends and I are in our little cabin in the Appalachian mountains of Georgia. I drove down from Virginia yesterday and listened to about seven podcast episodes — two Fresh Airs, a Radiolab, two TED Radio Hours, a Throughline about the Violence Against Women Act, and a New Yorker Fiction episode where Andrea Lee … Continue reading I made it til midnight

Cutting cloth

I am 23, newly married, and my husband is on a research trip in Bermuda for the next six months. I am a young woman alone in our new home in Takoma Park, Maryland, but I feel safe up here in the upstairs apartment of a cute cottage house with a steep, angled roof. The … Continue reading Cutting cloth