Playing with lenses

I don’t branch out much with photography. I think I take the same photo of dogwood flowers, the same photo of lilac flowers, and the same photo of salvia every year. I use the same lens on the same subjects. I did shoot in the soft evening light the other day and was really pleased … Continue reading Playing with lenses


We are in the middle of a fool’s spring, and I took full advantage of it this weekend. From after breakfast to before dinner yesterday, I had shears, rake, shovel, loppers, wheelbarrow, bungee cords, hose, and bags of dirt scattered all over the yard. I pruned roses, cut back ornamental grasses, raked leaves out of … Continue reading Emergence

Snowdrops and crocus

Today was warm and windy. The dry winter grasses whipped like ponytails out back. When I took the compost out on my lunch break, I carried my camera, too. I thought the snowdrops might have come up, and I was delighted to see that they have. One crocus has opened as well, despite its greenery … Continue reading Snowdrops and crocus