All of us home

We picked up our son from college today and brought him back to Blacksburg. He’s home for a week for Thanksgiving. The hamper is filled with firewood, we’ve got tart cherries for pie in the cupboard, and wind whistles over the chimney top while we’re warm and cozy inside. He gets to enjoy cats and … Continue reading All of us home


I live in a ridiculously nice place. Our son had friends over last night to watch Hamilton, and my husband and I didn’t want to eat pizza, which we ordered for them, so we got out of the house for dinner. We went to a little restaurant, Gillie’s, in downtown Blacksburg, and sat at a … Continue reading Grateful

Flush technology

Don’t let anyone tell you words don’t have power. When my husband and I shopped for toilets recently, I could not stop giggling at the language used for selling what we all want most from a toilet: to hide the evidence. More than that, our trip to Home Depot showed me that having a gift with words doesn’t … Continue reading Flush technology