Checking the forecast

Every morning, I wake three hours before I plan to start my workday. I feed the cats, unload the dishwasher, make coffee, and then sit at the table and face the dark sliding glass door while I eat cereal and do the Wordle. Beside me on the table are my gardening log and my happiness-turned-meaning … Continue reading Checking the forecast

Cats and leaves

I really do love my new office setup. I sat at my desk working today and heard an alarming CLANK from the window sill. Our cat’s tail had whacked the ceramic salad plate that holds one of my plants. I peeked over my computer monitor — since my desk now faces the window — to … Continue reading Cats and leaves

Where I work

“Is this going to be like getting concert tickets? REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH!” I asked this of Andrew Spittle, co-organizer of SupConf and our Happiness team lead, when the SupConf Kickstarter went live. We were purchasing tickets for colleagues, and I wasn’t sure how fast they would go. “Ha. You need to get out more,” he … Continue reading Where I work