(Not) Fake

With organisms like Ophrys apifera, the bee orchid that mimics the shape and scent of bees, or the technicolored peacock mantis shrimp and its creative violence, View this post on Instagram Kung pow! #mantisshrimp A post shared by Andrea Badgley (@andreabadgley) on Mar 27, 2016 at 7:44am PDT or even the humble cactus, which has … Continue reading (Not) Fake

Tidal Playground

This is a longform post in response to the Discover: Memory challenge. I spent my girlhood riding in the bow of a motorboat, through labyrinths of spartina grass, pulling wet hair from my eyes, licking salt from my lips, gathering sunlight on my freckled skin. My playgrounds were the brown rivers, the salt marshes, the barrier … Continue reading Tidal Playground

Oak Trees

Our oak is naked right now. Twiggy, brown, and bare. A few dry leaves hang on from last year, and at any place in the oak’s crown, it looks like you could snap a branch in half. I know it’s alive in there, but it’s hard to remember that this time of year. The stripped … Continue reading Oak Trees

Stars at 3AM

Photo credit: The Purple Milky Way by Donncha Ó Caoimh It has been far too long since I’ve watched stars in the deepest part of the night. It has been too long since I’ve watched stars at all. Before our childrens’ athletic schedules consumed every weekend of spring and fall, we camped regularly as a … Continue reading Stars at 3AM