Some people are crazy for maps. I can see the attraction, especially for those sepia maps with ink drawings of ships and storms and mountains. Even modern maps are cool when they are accurate and detailed. My husband needs maps to know where he is in the world, to navigate his way around new places. … Continue reading Maps


Revolving doors. I never understood them until we moved someplace cold. When I came across a revolving in Minnesota, and it was blowing snow and -10°F outside, the doors finally made sense: they provide an airlock so that rushes of frigid air don’t blow in every time someone opens the door to enter or leave. … Continue reading Stile

Stars at 3AM

Photo credit: The Purple Milky Way by Donncha Ó Caoimh It has been far too long since I’ve watched stars in the deepest part of the night. It has been too long since I’ve watched stars at all. Before our childrens’ athletic schedules consumed every weekend of spring and fall, we camped regularly as a … Continue reading Stars at 3AM

On the move

During my first year as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, I focused internally — on live chatting with users, on supporting my co-workers by training, by cheerleading, by sharing knowledge amongst us about live chat support. This year, quite by accident, I’m lifting my eyes a bit and am seeing the bigger world. I’m … Continue reading On the move

Spare parts

I wish my brain had spare parts, like a memory card I could insert to remember all of the thousands of things I seem to forget: the names of kids’ friends’ parents, that awesome gift idea I had for our son, whether I left the stove on. It would be nice to have spare arms, … Continue reading Spare parts