Oysters steam

You have to be careful of oyster shoals when you navigate a salt marsh at mid-tide. At low tide, the oyster beds are exposed above water, so there’s not much worry of running your hull over them and scratching it all to pieces. At high tide, the water is deep enough over where you’d be … Continue reading Oysters steam

Blue water

Blue water. The deepest seas. Where there’s no white sand below to make the water aquamarine, or sea grass to turn it green, no marsh mud and nutrients to make it murky brown. Blue water is the desert of the ocean: too far from land, and too deep, for sediment or nutrients. It is the … Continue reading Blue water


“What was your favorite animal at the the aquarium, Mom?” I am not good with favorites questions. I rarely have a single favorite; I have a different favorite for every occasion. “The invertebrates,” I said, and grinned at our son. He rolled his eyes. “You might as well say ‘the sea life,’” he said. “The jellyfish, then.” Planktonic. … Continue reading Pelagic


When a crew member in Kauai jumped off the stern to sink an anchor, it brought back memories. I’ve been anchored on land too long. I miss being on the water, in the water, under water. I had forgotten about the ocean after been so far from it for so long. But being in Hawaii … Continue reading Anchor