I must have taken 100 photographs yesterday for the transient photo challenge: everything about the beach is impermanent. Waves roll in, crash, spend out, and they are gone. Shells clack together and crumble in the pounding surf. Sea grass clumps wash ashore, then lift and move as waves wash over the flat sand. Surfers follow the swells: they … Continue reading Impermanent

Hidden stump

Back in January, I started bringing my phone on my running route so that I could entertain myself while I ran. I leaned on my phone’s camera to find novel ways to look at the same scenery I saw every single time I set my timer and vowed to run for 30 minutes. Despite passing … Continue reading Hidden stump

Broken paint

I love the textures of this peeling paint on a cabin at Fairy Stone State Park in Virginia. I shot several permutations using the rule of thirds, thinking of Rothko’s compositions with each framing of the peeled paint. For the Daily Post: Broken photo challenge. Continue reading Broken paint

On the marsh

I am a fan of contrast: of rough against smooth, of blur against sharp, of dark against light. When I saw that this week’s Daily Post photo challenge is to share a shot that captures a contrast, I knew I would want to participate, and I knew I would want to share photos from our … Continue reading On the marsh