Tiny Buddha

Over the years, I have become a less patient housekeeper, easily annoyed by trinkets and knickknacks that add nothing to my life but more work: remove trinkets from shelf, dust shelf, wipe trinkets, notice chips in trinket bases and grime in trinket cracks, fetch toothpicks and toothbrushes, deep-clean trinkets, place trinkets back on shelf, arrange, … Continue reading Tiny Buddha


Book blurb for Andrea Reads America, due out sometime in the very far future: From the Alabama bayou to the Alaska tundra, from the Texas desert to the Washington rain forest, Andrea Reads America explores the United States: in books. Curious about the American landscape and seeking the perspectives of men, women, and authors of … Continue reading Daydreaming

Island cloudscape

One of the things I love most about Florida, that I miss when I’m away, and that I fall in love with all over again when I return, is the sky.  More specifically, I love the clouds. Cloudscapes in Florida are dynamic and dependable. Nearly every afternoon in summer, formations build  before your eyes in … Continue reading Island cloudscape