A wind blew through

A violent storm thundered through yesterday evening while I sizzled sausages for spaghetti. Oaks whipped leaf-laden branches, and the wind slammed rain sideways into the porch. My new phlox got a deep watering-in. A cold front chased the storm and settled in after it was gone. In the dark night after the rain stopped, I … Continue reading A wind blew through

Reading under a tree

This morning was a lovely one: breezy with sun and fresh Appalachian air, cool enough to pull weeds and plant annuals without breaking a sweat. Leaves rustled, bees buzzed happily from flower to flower. When I watered in the new bright yellow zinnias, scraping dirt from beneath my fingernails while I held the hose and … Continue reading Reading under a tree


I unfolded the paper slip from my prompt box today, and on it was written “half-dressed.” This of course made me think of our recent trip to South Beach in Miami, where “half-dressed” is a generous description of the people we saw from our various perches around town. Quarter-dressed, or in many cases, tenth-dressed is … Continue reading Half-dressed