Dear lotion pump manufacturer, This may seem a strange request, but I am a writer who loves words, and I wondering if there is an industry term for the crusty glob of lotion that clogs the tip of a dispenser. Because you attempt to design products to prevent these clumps, I thought you might have … Continue reading Logophile

9 Great Openings

This week in our writing group we worked on openings. We each selected an unpublished work, excised our first paragraph to a separate sheet of paper (to keep the work discrete and achievable), and rewrote our openings. We began with the first sentence. This was hard work. That one sentence carries a heavy burden, a … Continue reading 9 Great Openings


“I’ve… been too much in my head. Why don’t we take a walk?” (McLain)¹ ~ I’m not sure if pursuing writing is a good idea for me. I think it makes me crazy. I’m moody, brooding about my latest idea, working things out in my head, withdrawn as I think and think and think. I … Continue reading Lunacy

Growth Spurt

If you are a parent, or have ever been around the parent of a new baby, you may be familiar with the term “growth spurt.” It is usually paired with the words, “I don’t know what’s wrong with Little Johnnie – he must be going through a ____” (growth spurt). Babies get fussy during growth … Continue reading Growth Spurt