Garden graphing

It’s that time of winter where I walk from window to window, observe the garden, and mentally rearrange everything. Last year, I thought for sure that I wouldn’t need to do that this winter. I thought everything was pretty well settled in, I’d let the stuff in the new bed go to seed so it … Continue reading Garden graphing

Storm’s coming

The air smells heavy this morning. Temperatures hover around freezing, and the air is clear, but I feel moisture. Earlier this week, I could only poke my nose out the back door to sniff the air; it was too frigid to put any more of my body outside. Today the air is cold but doesn’t … Continue reading Storm’s coming

Winter clothes

I dragged a kitchen chair into our closet yesterday so I could reach the storage bins on the shelf. Even though it’s been warm the past week and will continue to be warm for the next few days, I’m tired of my summer clothes and wanted to see what fun stuff I might have packed … Continue reading Winter clothes