Paint chips

Image courtesy of HomeSpot HQ. I lay in bed this morning looking at our bedroom’s freshly painted walls. I studied the color, trying to find accurate words to describe it in my mind. Cream. That’s not accurate. Cream — dairy cream in real life — is more white. This is closer to vanilla ice cream, … Continue reading Paint chips


Oh boy. This must be a prompt a reader left for me. I don’t know the meaning of the word “derelict.” It sounds like it should mean shabby or abandoned, like a crumbling house with broken windows, a porch that’s caved in, boards falling off the exterior. A derelict house would have once been smooth and … Continue reading Derelict


Hard sounds and sharp edges. Pointy personality. Angular nose. Protruding bones. Persnickety is not soft. It is astringent, acerbic, tough, sharp, angular. I’ve used those words and can’t find the word I’m looking for. Vinegary. Picky and particular, sarcastic but not in a funny way. Puckery, like from lemons; not like for kissing. Persnickety is … Continue reading Persnickety


sun, sunlight, solar skin, hide, pelt, cuticle freckles, moles, sun spots, age spots golden, tan, brown, tawny epidermis bikini, naked sunbathe, tanning oil, Coppertone sunbow, sunbreak, sunbright, sunburst sunbrowned sunburned or sunburnt: reddened, tanned, seared by the sun’s rays sunbaked summer, sky, warm, hot bright, blazing, blistering, sizzling lush tropical sprinkled, spotted, freckle-faced rays, sun … Continue reading Sun


Humic is moist and earthy. Soil. Dirt. Decomposition. It is rich and fertile, the adjective form of humus, which is a favorite word of mine. It’s in my lexicon. Humic is forest floors, especially when they are damp. Humic is the way the air smelled in New Orleans in the Garden District: resurrection ferns, cemeteries, … Continue reading Humic