Farting goats Venn diagram (with sneezing and snarting)

2 thoughts on “Farting goats Venn diagram (with sneezing and snarting)”

  1. Hello Andrea, can you please help me find the location in WordPress.com’s environment where I can insert a figure (like the one you have in this page above) within my text area of my blog. Several months back, I saw a demo on how to insert figures/images/objects within the text of a blog; but now i could not see/find it anymore in the support/help section of WP. I also think, i was able to do that before but I simply cannot find the area where I could insert said objects.. I appreciate receiving your kind response … pls send it to my email: efren.a.galapon@gmail.com … thanks a lot,

    Efren A. Galapon


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