Driving for donuts

We are teaching our son how to drive. And I thought having a baby was stressful! Driving lessons are going slowly. At first, we took him on Sundays to the Corporate Research Center nearby. It’s a large enough multi-building, spread-out office complex that there are a few ways to make large loops that involve getting … Continue reading Driving for donuts

I want fries

It’s 5:52 am. I’m up in the bleachers at the cavernous aquatic center, café Americano in a paper cup by my side. The white noise of the kick-splash from the swim team, the echo of the coach’s instructions from the pool deck, and the muffled beat of pop music (much better for afternoon than early … Continue reading I want fries

How to observe?

Yesterday morning, instead of blogging first thing or browsing social media, I spent the first few minutes of the day reading Offscreen magazine’s interview with Jenny Odell, author of How to Do Nothing. At first, I wasn’t particularly interested in learning how to do nothing. I can relate to the feeling she mentions, that we … Continue reading How to observe?