Winter solstice

Most of the religious holidays on the calendar mean little to me. We celebrate the Christian holidays primarily as tradition and to spend time with each other as a family, but none of us are actually Christian. My spiritual inclinations tend more towards paganism; Easter isn’t meaningful to me because of the resurrection of Christ, … Continue reading Winter solstice

Watching Twitter

As a sometimes Twitter user, I’ve been rubbernecking its implosion. I’ve been on Twitter for about 13 years, but never as a super-user. I share stuff from my blogs there, I retweet random things that tickle or resonate with me, and on rare occasions, I tweet a pure, original tweet. Mostly I use Twitter for … Continue reading Watching Twitter

Crystal ball

If you had a crystal ball that could tell you anything you wanted to know — about your life, the world, or anything at all — what would you want to know?* My mind flooded with possibilities when I first thought about this question. For each possibility, I wondered, do I really want to know … Continue reading Crystal ball