Weather in the shower

You know how sometimes you’re taking a hot shower, and the shower curtain billows into your tiny pocket of shower space and pushes you against the wall and sticks to your legs, and no matter how much you push it back and try to make the little magnets at the bottom stick to the tub … Continue reading Weather in the shower

Releasing creativity

One of the podcasts I listened to on my recent drive to Georgia was the TED Radio Hour episode called The Source of Creativity. In it, host Guy Raz shares excerpts and interviews from four different TED talks about creativity: one from Sting about overcoming writer’s block, one about what happens inside the brain during … Continue reading Releasing creativity

Degrees of cold

My laptop is a metal ice cube on the tops of my thighs. I’m sitting on a hard metal bleacher at the aquatic center, trying to shiver the cold out of my bones from running out to my car after my swim to retrieve my computer bag. It’s dark and 15℉ (-9℃). The coldest part … Continue reading Degrees of cold

Too much to write

When we opened the curtains yesterday morning, the sky was grey and the world felt dark, even though the sun had risen. Rain pattered on the roof. My friend turned on the fireplace with the flick of a switch. My slippers felt warm on my feet, and we were cozy in the pine-paneled room with … Continue reading Too much to write