Nouns and verbs

I’m reading Stephen King’s On Writing again. I love how real and honest he is, and how unstuffy. It’s so refreshing! That honesty is at the heart of his fiction as well — he doesn’t pussyfoot around anything, anywhere, he just lets whatever is in him out. Also, honesty is his biggest piece of advice to … Continue reading Nouns and verbs


She woke in the cool cabin of the boat. It was dark but with a touch of blue light that hinted more was on its way. She shifted next to her husband and heard the creak of the mooring ropes as the boat shifted under her motion. Water gurgled against the hull. She sat up … Continue reading Horizon


I remember dark blue dinner plates with with white seagulls on them. We used those plates when when I was very small, younger than five. The color was the deep blue of almost-night, somewhere between navy and navy with a hint of green. The ceramic wasn’t shiny like most dinnerware I see now. It was … Continue reading Seagulls