October sky

Even at noon in October, the light is beautiful. It shines gold on earth, making the blue sky even bluer. On my flex day yesterday, I walked the path I used to walk every day when we lived at our old house. I listened to the New Yorker Fiction podcast and snapped photographs of October meadows against a cobalt … Continue reading October sky

My first sail

We had a steady breeze last night and took our new-to-us sailboat to nearby Claytor Lake so my husband could take me for a sail. He and the kids took the boat for our family’s maiden voyage while I was in Vienna, and I’ve been eagerly waiting for my chance to go since I returned … Continue reading My first sail

Reading under a tree

This morning was a lovely one: breezy with sun and fresh Appalachian air, cool enough to pull weeds and plant annuals without breaking a sweat. Leaves rustled, bees buzzed happily from flower to flower. When I watered in the new bright yellow zinnias, scraping dirt from beneath my fingernails while I held the hose and … Continue reading Reading under a tree

Blooming trees

With each season I think “this is my favorite season.” Right now, my favorite season is spring. Everything is fresh and bright and cheery: red, yellow, and violet tulips; sunny daffodils; purple hyacinth. And blooming trees. Where I grew up, on the coast of Georgia, seasons were subtle. There were changes in temperatures, some trees … Continue reading Blooming trees