Sometimes the back yard is more active than others. Today is a wet, gloomy day. I’d describe it as Novembery, except that it’s now December. The trees are bare except for a single red or bronze leaf hanging on. The grasses in the garden are tufts of dried blonde blades. The perennials are brown, scraggly, … Continue reading Birds


I’ve felt very fragile since we dropped our son off at college. I’ve had trouble sleeping, and I feel jittery and strung out. Work has been hectic, which has been hard. My team lead encouraged me to be gentle with myself in the coming weeks because she knew this would be an emotional time for … Continue reading Gentle


I live in a ridiculously nice place. Our son had friends over last night to watch Hamilton, and my husband and I didn’t want to eat pizza, which we ordered for them, so we got out of the house for dinner. We went to a little restaurant, Gillie’s, in downtown Blacksburg, and sat at a … Continue reading Grateful