Wildflower hike at Cascades waterfall

5 thoughts on “Wildflower hike at Cascades waterfall”

  1. I love native wildflowers, and you’ve captured some beautiful specimens, especially the Trillium, which so far have eluded my camera. Two weeks ago, I found a patch of Anemone americana and noticed where the trout Lilly leaves were poking through the leaves. I meant to go looking for more flowers (bloodroot, Woodruff) over the weekend, but it was rained. Most of these won’t open without sunlight.

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  2. Great pictures! I notice that most of your waterfall pictures have fairly quick shutter speeds. Have you experimented with longer exposures, to get more of a blurred effect? I find I like around 1/30 or so, but maybe it is not to your taste. Capturing the individual water droplets with a quick shutter speed also creates an interesting effect.


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