Studying to sail

The week after Christmas, the four of us are traveling south to visit grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins down in Florida. While we are there, my husband and I are taking a two-day sailing course. To use my favorite new word from my friend Krista Stevens, I’m terricited about the course. Our packets of … Continue reading Studying to sail

Swirly sail

Our daughter gave up her seat in the sailboat this past weekend, and I took it. It was likely to be our last chance to sail before it gets too cold. Already it was chilly for a small, wet boat: sweatshirt and long pants weather rather than sweatshirts and swimsuits. “I don’t know,” my husband said. “There’s a wind … Continue reading Swirly sail

Headed home

I’m in the Atlanta airport again. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time passing through here lately. This time I’m on my way home from a vacation with my girlfriends in Jamaica.  Between being on the Caribbean, reading my sailing primer, and knowing we have a boat at home, I feel the tug … Continue reading Headed home