Swirly sail

Our daughter gave up her seat in the sailboat this past weekend, and I took it. It was likely to be our last chance to sail before it gets too cold. Already it was chilly for a small, wet boat: sweatshirt and long pants weather rather than sweatshirts and swimsuits. “I don’t know,” my husband said. “There’s a wind … Continue reading Swirly sail

Headed home

I’m in the Atlanta airport again. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time passing through here lately. This time I’m on my way home from a vacation with my girlfriends in Jamaica.  Between being on the Caribbean, reading my sailing primer, and knowing we have a boat at home, I feel the tug … Continue reading Headed home

Here we go, yawl

My sailing education began Saturday night, on the boat, on the lake, as I asked my husband, “What’s that called? Why are you doing that? Where does this go? How do you know to do that?” And endless other questions.  As a word lover, I am giddy about the new terminology I get to learn … Continue reading Here we go, yawl

My first sail

We had a steady breeze last night and took our new-to-us sailboat to nearby Claytor Lake so my husband could take me for a sail. He and the kids took the boat for our family’s maiden voyage while I was in Vienna, and I’ve been eagerly waiting for my chance to go since I returned … Continue reading My first sail