Slow then fast

Our son graduates from high school tomorrow. A few days after that, we’ll leave for a family vacation to Iceland — our son’s destination choice for his graduation trip. Less than a month after that, I’ll take him to the University of Virginia for orientation. Then dorm furnishings, clothes for school, registration, and mid-August, move-in. … Continue reading Slow then fast

The stuff of life

We’re headed to Greensboro today to buy a suit for our son. His prom is next weekend, and he’s going, and I guess the kids don’t rent tuxedos these days? I don’t know, I’m just along for the ride. Weekend after next, our son graduates high school. Twelve weeks after that, we’ll pack him up … Continue reading The stuff of life

My role models

I looked up the definition of inspire today. I wanted to know, if I were to answer the question, “Who inspires you?” that I knew precisely what question I was answering. Before looking it up, I had two thoughts about what it means to feel inspired. The first is an onrush of awe and a … Continue reading My role models