Our daughter’s junior prom is this weekend. She’s got her shoes and her jewelry, her photo plans, her date, her hangout plans, her dinner plans. As for her dress… We returned from New York after midnight Sunday night, and I took Monday off of work to do catchup stuff at home, like buy groceries, mow … Continue reading Momming


Nineteen years ago, I became a mother. I had no idea of the universes inside of me that would be revealed when this little person was born into our lives. This little person we made, who didn’t exist, and then did, who grew inside of my body, then entered the world totally dependent on us … Continue reading 19

Break is over

I drove our son back to college yesterday. We talked about and listened to music most of the drive there. The round trip took seven hours instead of the typical four. I felt lucky to make it to Charlottesville and back without being involved in an accident. The highway was littered with crashes. We had … Continue reading Break is over

A magical memory

I love this time of year for turning inward. The days are short, the world is holed up and cold; it’s a time to slow down, to be inside, and to reflect. This morning I’m trying to reflect on a magical memory from 2022. When I first starting thinking, I could hardly even remember what … Continue reading A magical memory

All of us home

We picked up our son from college today and brought him back to Blacksburg. He’s home for a week for Thanksgiving. The hamper is filled with firewood, we’ve got tart cherries for pie in the cupboard, and wind whistles over the chimney top while we’re warm and cozy inside. He gets to enjoy cats and … Continue reading All of us home