Driving for donuts

We are teaching our son how to drive. And I thought having a baby was stressful! Driving lessons are going slowly. At first, we took him on Sundays to the Corporate Research Center nearby. It’s a large enough multi-building, spread-out office complex that there are a few ways to make large loops that involve getting … Continue reading Driving for donuts

Letters from colleges

Our son took the PSAT this school year. He’s 16 years old. About a week ago, he started receiving letters in the mail from colleges. “Go to our website and sign up for more information!” Every day, the mailbox contains at least one or two letters with a fine logo embossed in the upper left … Continue reading Letters from colleges

Free falling

Our 10 year-old daughter saved her allowance for weeks last year so that she could buy herself a guitar. I fully supported her effort, and I pitched in by loaning her money when she was short. She’s been taking lessons for a while now, maybe even for a year, yet she struggles to remember to … Continue reading Free falling