Training em up for Euchre

8 thoughts on “Training em up for Euchre”

  1. You know my family history of gaming – my mom still insists that we play games when we go for a visit (no complaints here.) Chill and I can’t wait to teach Libby how to play games in general, but cards will be awesome! You’re teaching your kids lifetime of play – plus their friends will always have someone to play a game with!!


  2. I’ve never played euchre. Sounds fun. About 3 years ago, we decided to have a quiet New Years Eve at home…we made lots of finger foods, drinks and homemade ice cream, took it all down into the basement, started the music and taught our kids to play spades. We played ALLL night. It was so fun! One of my FAVORITE New Years Eve celebrations ever 😉


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