Unlearning Racism

Unlike my naive belief growing up that use of racial slurs by White people was a litmus test for racism, I’m realizing embarrassingly late in life that racism goes far deeper than using the n-word or showing blatant racist disdain for Black people. Our entire country, every system, every sector, is built on a structure … Continue reading Unlearning Racism


She woke in the cool cabin of the boat. It was dark but with a touch of blue light that hinted more was on its way. She shifted next to her husband and heard the creak of the mooring ropes as the boat shifted under her motion. Water gurgled against the hull. She sat up … Continue reading Horizon


I once loved trinkets: tiny buddhas, smooth stones, small figurines that required dusting when we were settled, and careful packaging when we were on the move. In my suitcase, I pack too many shoes. Along with three or four too-many pairs of shoes (slippers, flats, sandals, running shoes, ankle boots, casual sneakers), I fill half the luggage … Continue reading Minimizing