A life of purpose

I sometimes feel adrift. I’m 48, likely more than halfway through my life, and this drifting has become clearer to me as I look forward a decade or so and think about what life might look like in retirement. It used to be that our kids gave our lives structure. Now that one has moved … Continue reading A life of purpose

My ideal day

This is an easy one. My ideal day is one where I have no obligations. I don’t have a to-do list, I don’t have to work, I am not required to be anywhere or remember anything or do anything. On a day like that, I’d want to wake to clear skies and welcoming temperatures, and … Continue reading My ideal day

Wishing and doing

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is “What is something you wish you knew how to do?” I glanced at the prompt before bed so it could percolate overnight. Only, since I glanced instead of really focusing, I read it as “what’s something you’d like to learn how to do,” which completely changes my answer. Wishes require no … Continue reading Wishing and doing

One Million Words

I hit a big milestone at work yesterday. A bucket list milestone. The company I work for, Automattic, makes the WordPress.com blogging software: the software I use to publish this blog. This same software powers the internal communication tool we use so that 1532 of us in 82 countries can work together without having to … Continue reading One Million Words