Out of my comfort zone, out of my rut

4 thoughts on “Out of my comfort zone, out of my rut”

  1. Andrea, it sounds like in reading The Artist’s Way, you have found your own unique way to more and new creative fulfillment. That’s wonderful! Congratulations — and play on.

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  2. This is beautiful and inspiring.

    Funnily enough, I picked up what sounds like a similar book (with less of the stuff you indicated that didn’t resonate – the drama, the God-specific references, or the recovery talk) in the airport on the way to my recent team meetup. It is called The Creative Act by Rick Rubin and similarly revolves around creativity being messages from the universe interpreted through us.

    I remember really liking the first third and wanting to share it with folks. The last 2/3s seemed more specific to people who were more specifically creatively involved than I am.

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  3. I remember reading the Artist’s Way years ago, and was intrigued by your post. And you beautifully created an argument not only for God’s existence, but for His complexity, creativity and genius, and the ways He reveals Himself to us


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