Quaker Meeting

Photo credit Canned Muffins When we lived in Maryland and I was a cyclist, a friend I bicycled with was a Quaker. We’d ride 40 or 50 miles together through the hills of rural Maryland, and she’d tell me about Quaker Meeting. “There’s no central figure — no pastor, no sermon. Everyone is equal. We … Continue reading Quaker Meeting

Purple Rain

My phone dinged Thursday when I was out of town for work. It was a text from my husband. Did you hear about Prince? I did. I had. A colleague from Minneapolis had gotten the news when we were exploring the Duke Gardens. An appropriate place to receive that kind of news, given the cover art of Purple … Continue reading Purple Rain

Tidal Playground

This is a longform post in response to the Discover: Memory challenge. I spent my girlhood riding in the bow of a motorboat, through labyrinths of spartina grass, pulling wet hair from my eyes, licking salt from my lips, gathering sunlight on my freckled skin. My playgrounds were the brown rivers, the salt marshes, the barrier … Continue reading Tidal Playground