Degrees of cold

My laptop is a metal ice cube on the tops of my thighs. I’m sitting on a hard metal bleacher at the aquatic center, trying to shiver the cold out of my bones from running out to my car after my swim to retrieve my computer bag. It’s dark and 15℉ (-9℃). The coldest part … Continue reading Degrees of cold

Oysters steam

You have to be careful of oyster shoals when you navigate a salt marsh at mid-tide. At low tide, the oyster beds are exposed above water, so there’s not much worry of running your hull over them and scratching it all to pieces. At high tide, the water is deep enough over where you’d be … Continue reading Oysters steam

Quaker Meeting

Photo credit Canned Muffins When we lived in Maryland and I was a cyclist, a friend I bicycled with was a Quaker. We’d ride 40 or 50 miles together through the hills of rural Maryland, and she’d tell me about Quaker Meeting. “There’s no central figure — no pastor, no sermon. Everyone is equal. We … Continue reading Quaker Meeting

Purple Rain

My phone dinged Thursday when I was out of town for work. It was a text from my husband. Did you hear about Prince? I did. I had. A colleague from Minneapolis had gotten the news when we were exploring the Duke Gardens. An appropriate place to receive that kind of news, given the cover art of Purple … Continue reading Purple Rain