I remember St. Simons Island

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  1. Andrea, that was beautiful. You brought back a lot of wonderful memories. I wish they were still around to read it. What prompted it?


  2. This is wonderfully evocative, almost magical. What a way to grow up.

    Your grandparents must have been accomplished, generous, loving people.

    Your words took me back to childhood summers at the family cottage on Lake Erie.

    My grandparents built it in 1941 with assistance from my grandmother’s brothers. Three families shared and enjoyed the cottage for thirty years until my grandparents’ deaths triggered a change of ownership into the next generation, passing to my dad and uncle.

    Kids and cottages are made for each other.


  3. Many thanks for posting this! I was taken back to my Grandma’s cuckoo clock…it probably stopped working when I was five but I never tired of looking at its intricate detail. The memory calls up the smell from-scratch buttermilk biscuits, and the enchanting stories that Grandma told us as she baked blackberry pies. Wow!

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  4. Andrea, Thank you for posting. This is a wonderful family memory. As @charlescearl mentioned, a cuckoo clock hangs in my home now too so I could keep that memory.


  5. Andrea,
    Childhood memories are always wonderful! I remember the smell of Dove soap as I walked into my grandmother’s pink and brown tiled bathroom with a pink tub, toilet, and sink.
    Thanks for helping us all bring back memories from the past.


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