Gobble Cakes

We finally made it to Gobble Cakes!  That’s Blacksburg’s brand new cupcakery, and oh my god, y’all, it was all I could have hoped for.  Cupcakes piled high with piped whipped frostings, elegant personal-sized confections on silver cake plates, ten flavors to choose from, and me standing there for fifteen minutes trying to decide between … Continue reading Gobble Cakes

Durable Happiness

“RESEARCH OFFERS HOPE FOR THOSE SEEKING DURABLE BOOST IN HAPPINESS.”  That’s the title of an article I clipped from the paper this summer.  I don’t think I’ve ever clipped a newspaper article, but I saved this one.  Because in this piece, I learned the secret of people who are able to sustain happiness after an … Continue reading Durable Happiness