I seem to be having personal problems with calendars and scheduling this week. So much for my 1-day buffer for lining up and editing blog posts. I accidentally published two posts yesterday right on top of each other. One of those – the one about me misreading my calendar — was intended for today, but … Continue reading Oops

Swim jerk

Last Friday, as part of my planning for this week, I went to our aquatic center’s website to find available lap lanes during open slots in my workday. The times and availability change every week, which is annoying because I thrive on routine when it comes to exercise. At any rate, I reserved a lane … Continue reading Swim jerk


Until a few years ago, I shopped explicitly for specific needs for the week. We planned out menus, and I went to the supermarket on the weekend to buy everything we needed for our meals. If food wasn’t intended for a designated purpose, it didn’t make the list. This was great for our limited income … Continue reading Pantry

7-day streak

With this post, I will have published blog posts seven days in a row. I went through a dry spell where I barely published at all, and now, I’ve published every day for a week. I’m not sure what happened. Actually, that’s not true. I know what happened. I stopped caring about whether what I … Continue reading 7-day streak