Snow white

I’m sitting by the window with a fuzzy blanket on my lap and a cup of coffee steaming on the sill. The sun has just come out and is shining on a fresh coat of unexpected snow. The light on the white porch rail is dazzling. Fresh snow sparkles in the herb bed. I slept … Continue reading Snow white

Candy apple red

It crackles: sweet, ruby red, and shellac smooth. When I was a little girl I wanted a candy apple red Corvette. One of the old models, with the sweeping lines and the chrome bumpers — not the modern ones so covered in plastic they look like sedans. I have no idea why I wanted a … Continue reading Candy apple red

A lexicon

My recent read of Alone in the Classroom got me all excited about words again. Since I can’t seem to stop with the blogs, I created a new one:¬†Andrea’s Lexicon. Each entry is¬†short. A word and its meaning. Enjoy :-). Continue reading A lexicon