Nineteen years ago, I became a mother. I had no idea of the universes inside of me that would be revealed when this little person was born into our lives. This little person we made, who didn’t exist, and then did, who grew inside of my body, then entered the world totally dependent on us … Continue reading 19

Break is over

I drove our son back to college yesterday. We talked about and listened to music most of the drive there. The round trip took seven hours instead of the typical four. I felt lucky to make it to Charlottesville and back without being involved in an accident. The highway was littered with crashes. We had … Continue reading Break is over

A life of purpose

I sometimes feel adrift. I’m 48, likely more than halfway through my life, and this drifting has become clearer to me as I look forward a decade or so and think about what life might look like in retirement. It used to be that our kids gave our lives structure. Now that one has moved … Continue reading A life of purpose

Welcome love

I was surprised the other day when listening to the How to build a happy life podcast to hear this sentence: Maturity involves learning not to push love away, either through neglect or through actively pushing love away. Robert Waldinger My first thought was, Why would anyone push love away? But as I thought more … Continue reading Welcome love