I’m ready for spring so I can stop writing about how I’m ready for spring

Our daughter and I went shopping on Sunday. She wanted decorations for her room. I wanted decorations for spring. The equinox is one week away. I feel like I’ve been waiting for it forever. I’ve got pages and pages in my garden journals, regular journals, and diaries dedicated to, “OMG will spring never come?” For … Continue reading I’m ready for spring so I can stop writing about how I’m ready for spring


Grit scratches. It roughs the surface. It scrapes knees, breaks seed coats. It is unyielding. It changes things. Grit is tiny shards of glass, slicing through surfaces, glittering, sharp and bright. Grit disrupts. Grit is one of my favorite words. In the same way physical grit scrapes and scratches, internal grit has the power to … Continue reading Grit

The roar of spring

March is lioning. Wind howled through the night on March 1st. It shook the house, rattled the windows, scoured the lawn of leftover leaf detritus from winter. Now, Saturday morning, with a cat on my writing arm, I look out the window and see a red cardinal and tiny house finches perched on the bare … Continue reading The roar of spring

Can’t stop my brain

I am out of control. Once Christmas ended, and the holiday decorations were all stored and put away in the cubby hole under the stairs, and winter became plain old winter with nothing left to look forward to in it, my mind switched gears to gardening. Yep. Gardening. In January. Two years ago, I embarked … Continue reading Can’t stop my brain