Mom: Score!

Today is supposed to be housecleaning day.  Dusting and vacuuming and whatnot.  I asked the kids this morning to strip the sheets off their beds, take them to the laundry room, and then pile all their remaining floor detritis (blankets, stuffed animals, mismatched socks) onto their beds so that I could get to the floor … Continue reading Mom: Score!

Finding focus

Cold rain drips into dirty black puddles. Punch down dough! I’m in a mood.  It has been gray and gloomy for three days, and it is affecting me.  Like a million other bloggers out there, I don’t have a focus.  This isn’t a how-to blog, or a blog about, well, anything.  I chose the name … Continue reading Finding focus


We watched a movie last night that had our third grade son nearly crying with laughter.  Our first grade daughter giggled throughout, and it even made my husband and me laugh out loud a few times.  It was The Sandlot, a film about nine fifth grade boys in the early 1960s, and their summer playing … Continue reading Insulted

Meat Under my Nails

I’m a black and white person.  I have a hard time being one thing and another, like being stylish and being a housewife.  The two seem diametrically opposed to me.  I’m not sure why.  Two of my closest friends are stay-at-home-moms, and they both have plenty of style.  They always look polished and put together, … Continue reading Meat Under my Nails

A Morning in Sounds

7:45 am – I hear the tink of small plastic parts, of tiny Pony shoe box lids capping tiny Pony shoe boxes.  I hear the kids’ sweet voices as they play, turning less sweet as our daughter’s voice escalates to an ugly “That’s Mine!” that makes me cringe.  I hear the occasional car passing outside … Continue reading A Morning in Sounds