Streamside stairs

I love stone steps, especially when they climb through the woods to a waterfall. Along with lighthouse stairs, the curving stairs on the hike to the Cascades near Blacksburg, Virginia, are among my favorite stairways. They are made with stone from the mountain. They are mossy and organic. They look like they belong. These stone steps … Continue reading Streamside stairs

Soft shaping

From the street, everything about our landscape was blocky. When we moved in, the front of our house was all straight lines and rectangles: driveway perpendicular to the street, stairs perpendicular to the driveway, flower beds parallel to the house. Right angles, hard lines. When we lived in Maryland, we rented a small house that felt … Continue reading Soft shaping

Lunch break

Our daughter is out of town on a field trip, our son is at school, my husband is at the office, and I am home, alone with the cats, on my lunch break. I sat in the quiet house, at the wooden table, and looked out the sliding glass doors while I ate chick pea salad … Continue reading Lunch break

Purple Rain

My phone dinged Thursday when I was out of town for work. It was a text from my husband. Did you hear about Prince? I did. I had. A colleague from Minneapolis had gotten the news when we were exploring the Duke Gardens. An appropriate place to receive that kind of news, given the cover art of Purple … Continue reading Purple Rain