Lush gardens

I drove to Durham, North Carolina yesterday to meet up with co-workers who are here for their team meetup. As soon as I arrived, I picked up a text message that the group was leaving in 15 minutes to go to the Duke gardens — did I want to join? I dropped my bag in … Continue reading Lush gardens

Half a blanket

As a family, we’ve gotten into several series that the kids really loved. We like to get pizza on Friday nights and watch something together. First was the BBC’s Merlin (which the kids adored), then Robin Hood (also BBC), then the BBC’s Sherlock. The kids had loved Merlin, but once we watched Sherlock — everything … Continue reading Half a blanket

The guitar shop

I’m sitting on the worn, black pleather couch of Rocket Music in downtown Blacksburg. The shades are drawn. The lights are off. College kids stop and cup their hands around their eyes against the glass door. They see guitars and want to come in, and are baffled that the shop is not open. The shop … Continue reading The guitar shop

(Not) Fake

With organisms like Ophrys apifera, the bee orchid that mimics the shape and scent of bees, or the technicolored peacock mantis shrimp and its creative violence, View this post on Instagram Kung pow! #mantisshrimp A post shared by Andrea Badgley (@andreabadgley) on Mar 27, 2016 at 7:44am PDT or even the humble cactus, which has … Continue reading (Not) Fake