Wind buffets the house. Tree limbs rattle outside the windows, snow swirls in great gusts, and the chimney sounds like a coke bottle when you blow air over its opening. Snow glitters in the porch light before sunrise, and the world outside is bright in the diffuse moonlight. Today’s Bloganuary prompt is “What is a … Continue reading Superpowers

I can do hard things

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced and overcome was a self-imposed one. In 1999, I rode a bicycle 330 miles through Appalachia in 3.5 days. I raised $1900 for people suffering from AIDS in the Washington D.C. metro area, then joined 1700 other riders to pedal my bike from North Carolina, through Virginia, and … Continue reading I can do hard things

My ideal day

This is an easy one. My ideal day is one where I have no obligations. I don’t have a to-do list, I don’t have to work, I am not required to be anywhere or remember anything or do anything. On a day like that, I’d want to wake to clear skies and welcoming temperatures, and … Continue reading My ideal day

Emojis: the secret to distributed work

Communication, culture, connection. These are often cited as things that will be hard to cultivate or maintain in a remote work environment. Nonsense! All three of those are easily solved by adding emojis to your communication repertoire. It’s true that text has limitations when compared with talking in-person, where you can (sometimes) deduce intent through … Continue reading Emojis: the secret to distributed work