A few years ago, I heard a new definition of strength: that a strength is an activity that strengthens you and a weakness is an activity that weakens you. I like this definition better than what I had previously thought, which is that strengths are the things you’re good at. It is entirely possible to … Continue reading Strength

Talking about dreams

I swear I read somewhere once that dreams are one of those topics of conversation to just not pursue. They’re up there with what route you took to get to whatever location you’re in and you’re now boring the person you’re talking with about how you turned left here but hoo-boy the traffic, and then … Continue reading Talking about dreams

Time travel preferences

If I could time travel, I wouldn’t go forward, because I don’t think that’s possible. The future is unmade and dependent on billions of inter-related choices and circumstances that all affect each other and are unknowable until they happen, so unless every microsecond in every space is predetermined, everywhere on earth and elsewhere in the … Continue reading Time travel preferences